Robert Crane
After the death of his parents Robert Crane has become obsessed with mortality and time. Now a recluse he spends his day inside his house conducting experiments in preventing time passing. He avoids contact with everyone including his brother Joseph. Played by newcomer Mike Hartley.
Marcus Pinchello
Dr Marcus Pinchello is a psychologist friend of Josephs. He agrees to help with Robert's obsession as a favour to him. Played by Mario Pisano in his debut role.

Joseph Crane
Joseph is at a loose end with what to do with his brother. Rather than call in the authorities he asks his friend Dr Pinchello, off the record, to see what he can do. Played by James Cowen.

Ben Gordon
A local private detective hired to find the missing Marcus Pinchello gets a call from Joseph with information about the disappearance. Played by Matt Deacon.