Binary (2005)
Cast & Crew
Tom Hall
James Cowen
Script Consultant
Mike Hartley
James Cowen
Olwen Davies
Additional Material
Tom Hall
Mark Cummings
Man In Street
Bank Clerk
James Cowen
The Doctor
Running Time
around 30 minutes
Leyton, Wapping, Farringdon
Canary Wharf

Film Notes

The fourth generation of Moonpie Films will be Binary, formerly called Doppelganger. Tempus Fugit explored the fears of time and getting old, Binary, will center on paranoia and the image that others have of yourself. Planned to be similar in tone and length to TF it will hopefully form the center piece of a planned trilogy of short films
examining various personal themes. Tempus Fugit was stark and cold without dynamic camera work to emphasise the slow paced and dull life of the protaganist. With Binary we hope to build on the experience gained in making Tempus Fugit and try to work on creating real tension and scares in a Don't Look Now style and bring in lots of interesting dynamic camera work. I'm not sure if we'll be able to pull it off but I'm hoping that Binary will be another leap forward from Tempus Fugit in technique, scale, acting and scope. We'll hopefully begin filming early 2005.
Production Diary - Updated 04/04/04
The title for this project has been changed to Binary. First draught nearly complete, I will be working out who we need for characters and places to film over the next couple of months. If all goes well we hope to film over the next 6 months. This probably won't happen as things always slip back far beyond what was intended.
Time is really flying by, we're already into April and the project, surprise surprise, is way behind schedule. The script, however, is shaping up with some characters being fully fleshed out and with a bit of luck may be finished by the end of the month. We are now location scouting and there are quite a few things we need so if anyone is reading this we need one of the following.........a health center exterior, a bank exterior, a bank interior, an office, an office fire escape, a high rooftop like a multistory car park, a messy flat. We'll need more locations but these are what I'm looking for at the moment so if you see any good spots let me know. I really want to be able to get this rolling, its already looking a far more sophisticated production than TF and if we can get the first day of shooting in the bag we'll be on our way. We'll be doing some casting when the script is finished so if you want to be in it let me know. The cast is quite small and I've got people in mind who can be the various different roles, chosen mainly on availalibity again, however, I do have some small parts and I'm also willing to step down from acting myself if anyone can do better and devote the time. The key to getting the film made is choosing people who can devote the time rather than someone who is best for the part as I'd rather make the film badly than not at all. I think I might try to pack in as many people into bit parts as I can this time though.
More of the script has been completed although I'm still only about twenty percent through it. Hopefully I can devote more time to it once TF is finished and out there. So far I'm quite pleased with it although I'm concerned I'll run out of ideas and it will stop dead half way through before I can get to the ending. My other concern is some of the stuff will need to be shot in places that could cause problems. I want to do some shooting at Canary Wharf which may be an issue and I need an office somewhere. I have access to a few but they might not be right. There will certainly be some scenes set around public places that will need permission such as banks and shops although they're only very short scenes. The majority of it will be shot in a flat, probably mine, but I'm looking for something more suitable that will not only give me more space to create good shots but also will fit the necessary key points of the plot. The Hartley Basement is crying out to be used as a location but may not be right for the main characters house.
Basic ideas being fleshed out and getting the story together, also sourcing possible locations.