The Razors Edge (1996)
Running Time: 97 minutes
Cast & Crew: James Cowen, Matt Deacon, Mark Holloway, Richard Iacono, Eddie Niblett, Peter Howlett, Sophie Walker
Locations: St.Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Wheathampstead
The Production
The Razors Edge came from the desire to put the world of Chastity & Spendlove (see the early years) in colour and on location. The same rules would apply to the new film, turn up with no idea of what is going to happen and film.
Shooting began in the summer of 1995 on location in Harpenden. The task that night was to shoot a mean and moody opening sequence in an attempt to try and emulate a gangster thriller. The sequence turned out okay but looking back doesn't really fit in with the tone of the rest of the film.

A week later the first full day of shooting began in a garden in How Wood, St.Albans. The scene involved Matt and Eddie as Chief Quim and his assistant Stimple Magillacutty, respectively. This was the first scene of proper dialogue and as in the early works was all made up on the spot. This scene was heavily trimmed for the special edition version.

That afternoon the production moved to Hemel Hempstead to shoot the dramatic death of Johnny Chastity. At this point the death of Johnny Chastity was planned as a way of tempting his detective brother, one half of Chastity&Spendlove, out of hiding. This plot strand later got lost somewhere down the line but the scene remained to show how Chief Quim was losing control of the city.

After filming the death scene it was back to How Wood, for some interior dialogue scenes set in what was supposed to be an LA police station. Actually made up from a spare room with a desk and computer this location appeared throughout the production. The other regular interior location was Saphron Lieberman's house in Harpenden and the next port of call for the production team. These two houses and No Mans Land in Wheathampstead make up over two thirds of the films locations.
With only 6 regular people available to play roles, all acting under pseudonymns, every new character that was introduced needed some sort of prop or unusual costume to distinguish himself. These included stick on moustaches and beards, a B&Q jacket, an inflatable tyre, bras, wigs,back to front shirts and hats. With over 40 characters in the film the costumes got more and more ridiculous as time went on.

Halfway through making the film production ceased due to distance and studies. At this point half the film was in the can and there was still no idea of what was going to happen in the last few reels. When the cast and crew returned to finish the film 6 months later haircuts were significantly different and a major prop, Chastity and Spendlove's car, was no more so the narrative had to be changed to reflect it. Despite the 6 month gap the film was still on track to be finished and was actually getting better as the acting, photography, dialogue and gags were improving as the production went along.

Originally released to video the first edit was of unsatisfactory quality and a digitally remastered version was planned. The technology and time wasn't quite there to do it back in 1996 and it wasn't until the summer of 2001 that the special edition video was released. In this version all the bad edits were cleaned up and trimmed making the wholet thing tighter and more seamless. Apart from cleaning up the edits a whole new version of the film was put together. New footage was added as well as some special effects such as gun flares, Luke Kirks powers and sound. New credits were also added at the beginning and the end.