In Production

Keeping in tone with Tempus Fugit the new project, Doppelganger, will be another small scale short film. In this movie we'll try to expand the scope of the production including more locations and more dynamic camera work. Since this is essentially a 'scary' movie a lot of effort will have to be put into creating tension and scares. We'll hopefully start shooting early next year.





Development Hell

Night Of The Pigs
Originally the zombie film Zombie Dawn which got binned but has now reformed. Instead of zombies its mad strange villagers. Easier to film and creepier this film could still go ahead if a lot of people come on board and commit to helping out. Same story, same script.

The cartoon spin off from the Chastity&Spendlove franchise which will reunite all the characters from all 5 films. With only a few bits of animation testing in the bag this project is still a long way from completion. The opening episode will open in hospital when Chastity and Spendlove come out of comas at the same time. While Chastity is hitting on every nurse, Spendlove has started playing chess with the strange man in bandages in the next bed. When the hospitals morphine supply goes missing the only people that could possibly find it are Chastity & Spendlove.
The Razors Edge DVD - Including commentary from all the cast and crew, out-takes, trailer and a retrospective featurette.



The Drawing Board

A global catastrophe means the worlds oxygen will be depleted in 24 hours. Two couples leave the riots and chaos of the city to spend their last night on a desertd beach.
The Empty World
A Touch of Suicide


Jesus: The School Years
A 5 minute short documentary about a young Jesus and his disciples attending a local comprehensive school.
Untitled Comedy
Two lonely people, both eccentric and unlucky, work their way to a collision course with each other.